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Article: Dos and Don’ts of Argentine Tango Clothing for Women

green tango skirt by coleccion berlin

Dos and Don’ts of Argentine Tango Clothing for Women

Let’s get started with the things you should keep in mind.

Tango is an internationally recognised dance form that has been gaining grounds ever since its inception. It originated in the low-key districts of Buenos Aires and is considered to have lost little of its authenticity. If you are in love with tango dancing but don’t quite know the do’s and don’ts of tango clothing, you are welcome to check this list to help you chose the right outfit.  


      Wear dresses or tops that are tailored in a stretchable single or double layered fabric to ensure a snug fit and ease of movement. A tight dress which does not stretch will likely not be comfortable to wear on the dance floor when you want to be able to move freely.

tango dress in white floral print

    A combination of black and red fabric is a classic that jazzes up the dance floor but tango outfits are not limited to these two colors.

      Buy knee-length dresses or skirts that will show your lower legs and complement your daing. If you chose the right length for your height you will be free to move and not get caught up in your outfit's fabric. A-line, halter neck and asymmetrical dresses are very popular for tango dancing.

      Have a careful glance at the neckline when you buy a top or a dress. Make sure the neckline is not too deep, and even if it is, you should have the confidence to carry that look. Make sure the neckline does not move around when you dance so that you can feel comfortable at all times.

      Crisscross, V shaped, open, deep open, cutout or asymmetrical - make sure you have a look at the back cuts. Just don’t always go for plain back cuts.

      Don’t forget the torso of the dress. Having extra fabric flow with your dance steps will help your elegance on the dance floor. Super tight dresses usually won’t help your grace.

      Black, red, violet and teal are great choices for monochrome dresses and tops. If you love multicolored outfits then try some prints. The choice of fabrics is endless online. Find the colors you love most and also keep in mind the color of your dance shoes when you buy your outfit.



      The quality of the fabric should also be considered while you have a nice look at the different sellers of tango fashion. The chosen fabric should be flexible and act as a second skin to your body. If you have a chance to try tango dancewear on, then practice some dance moves in front of a full-length mirror to ensure that you look good and are comfortable at the same time.

      Consult assistance if you are unsure about sizing, color and styles of tango. If you are buying online, get in touch with the shop owner and get answers to all of your questions before you shop.


      If you need extra support, avoid wearing strapless innerwear. Whether you wear a tango dress or a top-and-skirt look, check out your innerwear in action before you go on the dance floor. Practice some dance steps at home in front of your mirror and check how much it moves. 

      Never wear a skirt or dress which is a size too tight as it might disrupt your dance movements. Skirts which are quite loose at the waist are equally bad choices for tango dancers because they will move around when you dance and distract from the pleasure of dancing.

      If you have long hair, then an open hairstyle is not recommendable. Your hair should not be in your partner's face. Choose your favorite hairstyle and make sure it doesn’t come undone while you dance. Hairspray also does wonders. Try out what works for you.

      Never buy tango shoes which are big and comfortable like your slippers. It is very important to have tango shoes which sit tight and have adjustable straps to fasten them securely. Get some assistance from experienced tango friends and tango shoe sellers to find the right shoes for your feet.

      Don’t kill the subtle look with too much accessories and jewelry.

If you have questions or would like to expand this list, get in touch! Looking forward to hearing from you.

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