Welcome to Colección Berlin!


The Idea

Colección Berlin is an Argentinian Tango inspired fashion company. Our online retail store offers a unique collection of elegant, handmade pieces, shipped to you from our atelier in Berlin, Germany. We value making our items comfortable, flattering and inclusive for dancers of any age, no matter what the occasion.

Founder/ designer Katharina Joite was first introduced to Argentinian Tango during her time at business school in Hamburg. The community drew her in immediately and she became a dancer herself. Upon graduating, Katharina returned to her hometown city of Berlin, which boasts its own bustling tango scene. Spurred by a desire for comfortable, flattering dance wear, she started by making and wearing her own custom pieces. Katharina quickly discovered a love of design work, which ultimately grew into her business.

Check out our featured article in the German online magazine Bento: Read the full article.


100% Handmade

Colección Berlin’s tops, skirts and dresses are infused with the commanding spirit of the dance, made with attention to detail and wearability in mind. All items sold in our online shop are handmade from high-quality stretch material. Fabrics used for the collection are carefully selected, tested on the dance floor and only then processed into beautiful apparel. So rest assured, your tango dress will be comfortable throughout your day and night. It will look the same at the end of a long night of dancing as at the beginning of the milonga.


Quality & Service 

There are plenty of options when it comes to style. You get to choose between the style options, but all of the choices will get you what you want on the dance floor - comfort and elegance.
We encourage feedback which helps us to develop the collection further. In case you are not satisfied with the product we accept exchanges and returns. If you need personal assistance, get in touch.