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Article: Killer Hairstyles for Tango Dancers

killer hairstyles for tango dancers

Killer Hairstyles for Tango Dancers

Open hair? Messy bun? Or neatly tied braided bun? What do you prefer for Argentine Tango? Needless to say, we all know that hair is one of the most important parts of a face and it rightly accentuates one’s beauty. There’s no need to get worked up regarding how to tie your hair for your tango dancing. I’ll help you out in this context. Here are some killer hairstyles that work wonders.

Mess it up

Who doesn’t like messy buns? If you’re one of those who like to keep it simple yet elegant then this hairdo will be your favourite. It’s easy; you just have to tie a loose ponytail and then wrap it up towards the base of your head. This is a must-try for Tango dancers, it looks great and keeps the hair out of the face when moving fast. Just make sure to use some hair spray as well so it does stay in place and you can embrace your dance partner without your hair in their face!

Add a touch of elegance

We have noticed sophisticated fancy buns in tango videos? Buns are graceful and add a touch of sheer elegance to the entire look. The tango dancers flaunt this hairstyle quite often and you will have seen it in lots of tango shows. So why not try it out yourself?

killer hairstyles for tangueras

Keep it flowy

Do you like to keep your hair open while you are tango dancing? If yes, then that’s not a problem at all if you fix it at least a little on the side that is closest to your dance partner in the embrace. You will not want to irritate them with your hair flying around. If you like hairpins you can fix your hair at one end with stone studded fancy pins as well.

Old Hollywood Waves are also a great option if you have medium-length hair and want to keep it flowy. They are simply a classic that will not compete with an elegant tango dress.

The Knotted Chignon

A sophisticated knotted chignon make a great look. Spice it up with fancy pins, jewels or any other shining hair accessories you might have. This particular hairstyle is appreciated widely in the world of charm and style. Get ready to burn the dance floor with this style.

The French Braid

We love this beautiful and classic hairstyle. Although its intricate weave may seem complicated, you can master the French Braid with a bit of practice. The secret is to add a strand of hair to each section before braiding it in. Check out this brilliant tutorial for a Basic French Braid and you will be ready for a killer hairstyle fit for tango dancing. 

So, choose one of the above-mentioned hairstyles to go with your Argentine Tango skirts and dresses to win accolades on the dance floor and also enjoy the pouring admirations. Tie up your hair just the way you want, add an edge with stylish hair accessories and feel beautiful!

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