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Article: Check Out These 4 Amazing Traditional Argentine Tango Skirts

shimmering black tango skirt by coleccion berlin

Check Out These 4 Amazing Traditional Argentine Tango Skirts

What you wear out on the dance floor is important. You want to feel beautiful and confident as you make your way around the dance floor. But in reality, what you wear also needs to be comfortable and a good choice for your tango dance moves. Here are four skirts, each with something unique to offer for tangueras who are looking for a great look and design with great mobility and stretch.

tango skirt in black shimmering print by coleccion berlin
PAOLA Shimmering Black Skirt 

    When it comes to a classic look, a black tango skirt is always a great choice. In this case, the skirt is made of stretch material, ensuring that if fits your body in all the right places. But, at the same time, the back v-shape and the slit in the front allow you to move your legs without any hindrance. The PAOLA skirt is already a favorite among our customers for many years. Tangueras love the high-low hemline and how it looks on the dance floor. The flow of the fabric is an eye-catcher and looks great in movement at a milonga.

    PAOLA Daisy Print Skirt

      While black is classic, it doesn’t always turn heads. But the PAOLA Daisy Print Skirt is sure to do just that. The skirt is similar in material and style to the black version, but it’s the print that really stands out. It can be paired with multiple tops and accessories to create a unique look. With its bright colors, this is a skirt that adds lots of confidence and style. A plus of the wrinkle-free fabric is that it is an easy travel companion for tango festivals and weekends away. 

      tango clothes by coleccion berlin

      BELLA White Leaves Skirt

      The fabric of the BELLA White Leaves Skirt is a nice balance. It is not as bright as the poppy print fabric but still offers a gorgeous floral look. It brings a level of elegance to a tango outfit and is a great choice for any season. While it does have the high-low hemline, the overall cut creates a straight silhouette, offering a polished and refined appearance. The back of the skirt has some extra material, allowing for a little extra movement around the knees. This skirt generally works really well for petite tangueras of 165 and below.

      tango skirt in white leaves print

      JAZMÍN Reversible Red and Black Skirt

      What’s not to love about a skirt that can be worn two ways? The JAZMÍN Reversible Red/ Black Skirt is a great choice for a woman looking to get the most out of her tango wardrobe. The black skirt can be paired with just about anything and provides a classic look. But the gorgeous red side really stands out, giving you the best of both worlds. This side does have the additional band of black material at the top, giving it a little something extra.

      A tango skirt needs to be comfortable and allow for movement, but this doesn’t mean that your options are limited. Instead, there are many skirts that look beautiful both on and off the dance floor. Each one has something unique that makes it a great addition to your tango wardrobe. From the practicality of the JAZMÍN Reversible Skirt to the bold print of the Paola Poppy Print Skirt, the possibilities are endless. Have a look at the great variety of tango skirts available right now

      reversible tango skirt in red by coleccion berlin

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