Tango Skirts to keep dancing

You can’t skirt around the beauty of a gorgeous skirt while you’re thinking of draping yourself for that exclusive tango night. Scroll down and explore if you’re looking for a tango skirt but can’t single out the perfect one. We have handpicked some elegant styles to complement the taste and sensibilities of all types of tango professionals and enthusiasts. Start browsing our exclusive tango dancewear collection!

Reversible tango skirt  CLARA in florals/ red

Reversible tango skirt CLARA in florals/ red

Reversible tango skirts

What can be better than having one skirt for two different occasions? Investing in a reversible skirt is always a great idea to get the maximum returns of appreciation. Also, reversible tango skirts are very popular among tango dancing travellers who need many outfits but only have one suitcase. Our CLARA reversible skirts are available in a variety of fabrics.

The fine quality fabric with a slit at the back promises breathable comfort and makes it work for dancing. Tango clothes come in many beautiful cuts and shapes for the dance floor but fitted tango skirts also work well for nights out on the town, even if they don’t involve dancing.

Tango skirt  PAOLA in teal

Tango skirt PAOLA in teal

Tango skirts with flow

Tango skirts must be comfortable to give the dancers freedom to make their favorite tango dance moves. No one wants to be rapidly moving around the dance floor in anything overly confining. If you prefer a skirt to move with every step you make, try out a flow skirt. A flowing skirt keeps things cool even when things are heating up outside. Try out our PAOLA range of tango skirts.

Top STELLA and skirt  PAOLA in royal blue florals

Top STELLA and skirt PAOLA in royal blue florals

Tango outfits to go

If you are looking for a versatile tango outfit, try a skirt and top combination. Go unicolor or match a print skirt to a single color tango top. Also, consider the color of your tango shoes when deciding on the right tango fashion. Give a charming twist to your sacadas and ganchos by matching your tango skirt with your tango shoes. A well-chosen tango outfit will keep you going for hours on the dance floor.