3x Face Mask in Light Polka Dots with Elastic (Pack of 3)


Heading outside? We’ve got you covered! Made of light, breathable cotton, our mask are designed for a snug fit.


  • Pack of 3 Face Masks
  • Double Layer Fabric
  • Elastic to secure behind the ears
  • Approx. 19,5 cm x 9,5 cm (7.5" x 3.5") when folded flat 
  • Made of 100% cotton

    Got a question? Send us a quick message or email to sales@coleccionberlin.com

    Delivery Time:
    Max. 7 days for delivery within Germany. Information on delivery to other countries can be found here.

    Our cotton masks are re-usable. To disinfect your mask after wearing, it is sufficient to wash and iron it. Machine washable: Gentle Cycle at 40°C (104°F) using a mesh lingerie bag to protect the fabric from snags, tangles and tears. Handmade masks are not medical face masks and therefore do not protect you against Covid-19.

    Handmade with love by Coleccion Berlin

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