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About Us


The Idea

Colección Berlin is your go-to destination for handmade Tango skirts, tops and dresses! These beautiful, elegant and unique items are made for tango dancers of every age and for any occasion. Working from our atelier in Berlin, Germany, we work tirelessly to design comfortable, wearable garments for tango aficionados like you!

Colección Berlin's story was featured in the German online magazine Bento. Read the full article here

Quality & Service

Our promise to you is our use of high quality fabrics and expert craftsmanship. In case you are not satisfied with the product we accept exchanges and returns.

We offer worldwide delivery. You can look forward to having your garment orders delivered to your doorstep wherever you are. 

If you need personal assistance, get in touch via email (

100% Handmade

Colección Berlin's dancewear is handmade from high-quality stretch material. Fabrics used for the collection are carefully selected, tested on the dance floor and only then processed into beautiful apparel. So rest assured, your tango dress will look the same at the end of a long night of dancing as at the beginning of the milonga.