How to Dress for Tango Class

If you have decided to take a tango class, congratulations! You are in for a whole new world of fun and dancing. This dance is sensual, popular and fun all at once. When you have never taking dance classes before, it might be tricky to know what to wear for your dance class. You want to ensure that you dress the part so you are able to move freely and learn the dance without thinking too much about your attire. Since you aren't competing at this point, you might think you can wear whatever you want. But it's best to have the right attire from the start to be comfortable and confident on the dance floor.

Your First Tango Class

For your first class, you might want to simply try the dance out and see how you like it. You don't want to spend a bunch of money on new clothes that you may or may not wear to dance. For women, it is a good idea to wear a knee length dress that is easy to move around in. Keep in mind that you are going to get warm while you are dancing so don't wear fabrics that are warm and itchy, like wool. You also don't want your skirt to be too short, tight or revealing in any way because skirts will move when you do. Think about making a big step in front of your mirror at home to test your outfit before going to class. You need to be able to lift your leg and move about. You also want shoes that stay on your feet with straps or laces and a heel. Trainers with rubber soles are not recommended. Leather soles work much better on a wooden dance floor.

Building a Tango Wardrobe

Once you have taken a few classes and enjoy yourself, it’s time to think about your tango outfit. It may be time to find a dress for tango dance. You want to look the part and be comfortable at the same time. The main thing you need to pay attention to when looking for a dress for tango dancing is how you feel in a piece of clothing. You need to feel good when you are moving around. If the clothing gives you joy and makes you want to dance, it will help you do just that. Think about more than dance classes. Consider what kind of dress you would like to wear for social dancing at a milonga or a tango ball. If you feel any doubts or self-conscious thoughts, it's not the right attire. The clothes need to elevate your mood to be right for tango dancing. You want to feel sexy in clothes you love. Tango clothing can help a lot to have fun on the dance floor and stand out if you wish to.

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