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Article: Buying Argentine Tango Skirts Online Without Buyer's Remorse

tango skirt with side slits in navy blue florals

Buying Argentine Tango Skirts Online Without Buyer's Remorse

Finding beautiful Argentine tango skirts online is easy, but finding the skirt that looks just as beautiful on your body can feel like more of a challenge. Every piece of clothing looks gorgeous on someone, but there's a big difference between a skirt that looks amazing on Natalie Portman and a skirt that looks amazing on Melissa McCarthy. If you want to find the Argentine tango skirt that is perfect for you before trying it on, it's important to know what will look best on your body.

Take Your Measurements (And Learn the Model's!)

No matter how flattering a skirt might be for your body type and coloring, it won't work if it doesn't fit you well. Take your measurements so you can compare them to the size chart available online. For tango skirts, you'll want to measure your waist and hips; for dresses, measure your bust as well.

Some sites will mention the model's height in the item description. This is especially useful if you're worried about the skirt being too tall or too long. If the skirt is ankle-length on a 5'7" model, be prepared to have it altered.

Know What Styles Look Best On You

Argentine tango skirts are designed to make you look as sexy as possible, but if you wear a skirt that's flattering to the wrong body type, it may have exactly the opposite effect. Take an honest inventory of your body. Are you pear-shaped? Go for a floaty A-line or full skirt; a curve-hugging sheath or wrap will make your butt look big. Short skirts make petite women look taller, while sleek pencil skirts can make curvy plus-size women look like goddesses. Snugly fitted skirts also look phenomenal on women with boyish figures, since they emphasize every inch of curve you have. If you're more apple-shaped, a flouncy high-waisted tango skirt will hug your rib cage and conceal your midsection. Although you might be able to compare the model's body type to your own, most models are thinner than the general population, so it's better to stick with your best styles.

Learn Your Colors


Just as some styles look better on one woman than another, some colors will really pop against your skin. Your color palette is most important when buying a top, but it still counts for skirts. If you have a warm skin tone, golden hues will look better on you than blue-greens, while cool complexions will look sallow against those same golden colors. Pastels wash out some women, while dark colors overpower others. If you aren't sure whether you'd look better in icy pink or coral, look for a model with coloring similar to your own. If that skirt looks fabulous against the color of her legs, chances are good that it will look fabulous against yours.

Every tango skirt looks terrific on the screen. By knowing your measurements, body type, and colors, you'll be able to guarantee that it looks every bit as terrific on your body.

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