3 Tango Tops That Accentuate Your Feminine Charms

When it comes to tango, finding the right outfit to wear is important. Just like each step needs to be in time to the music and match up with a partner, clothing selections need to create a seamless flow between music and movement. Because of the style of dance, the goal is to find a feminine look that also offers comfort on the dance floor. These three tops will accentuate your appealing features while ensuring that you are comfortable to dance the night away.



The color alone of the MARINA Red Top is going to get some attention. This bold solid is bright and beautiful and can be paired with a wide range of skirts, especially high-waisted tango skirts, in a variety of prints. Because of its versatility, there’s a good chance you’ll get a lot of wear out of it. From the front, the top has a simple, classic appeal, but the back offers a dramatic v-shape that shows off your back as you move on the dance floor.


ANA Creme Paisley Neckholder Top

Fit is a major concern for women who enjoy the tango. Even if a top is beautiful, if it doesn’t fit right, it isn’t going to be a great choice. The ANA Creme Paisley Neckholder Top takes away some of that concern. This halter top is adjustable in two different places, allowing you to customize the fit. The neckline is adjustable, allowing you to choose exactly how low you’d like the neckline to lay. At the same time, the back of the top stretches across and is adjustable with the strings to tie into a bow. This means that you can choose the most flattering look for your body, accentuating your femininity and giving you an added boost of confidence.


ANGEL Navy Blue Top

While many tango tops are sleeveless, not everyone enjoys that much exposure. For those who are looking for more coverage, the ANGEL Navy Blue Top is an ideal choice. A higher neckline and three-quarter sleeves offer a chic look that is perfect for the dance floor. The back is open with a string that ties across the back in a beautiful bow. This fitted top is flattering in the sense that it enhances your figure while keeping some things under wraps.


When you walk out onto the dance floor, you want to feel confident. You want to feel feminine. You want to have confidence in your body as well as your moves. Choose tops like the MARINA Tango Top, the ANA Creme Paisley Neckholder Top, and the Berry Red ANGEL Top to pair with one or more of your favorite tango skirts. You’ll enjoy the look they create and how they accentuate your body in a flattering way. Aside from the appearance of these tops, each one is made with high-quality materials that are sure to last countless nights on and off the dance floor.

Katharina J