What Kind of Shoes Should You Wear to Match Your Tango Outfits?

What you wear to tango is important, but it’s equally essential to spend time considering the shoes that you are going to wear with each outfit. There’s a balance that needs to be struck between looking great and being practical.

Height of the Heel

There are lots of options when it comes to the height of the heel in tango shoes. Those who are new to the dance often choose less of a heel until they are more comfortable with the movement and steps required of them. Many times, beginners will start with heels of around 7 centimeters or less. More experienced dancers often choose a higher heel because they feel more confident.

The height of the heel matters in terms of comfort and confidence, but it's not always a factor when it comes to matching a tango outfit. However, there are those who say if you are planning to create a chic look with a beautiful tango dress, a higher heel might be a good idea for the milonga. It adds to the overall look and gives a little something extra to the moves on the dance floor.

Closed or Open Back

Like the height of the heel, the option of a heel cage (a closed heel) or straps (an open heel) often depends on the dancer, her experience, and her preference. Many beginners feel more comfortable with the heel cage, keeping this part of the foot covered. It may offer more security and less movement of the foot inside the shoe. At the same time, the heel straps often appeal to more experienced dancers as they are confident in their movements and might discover a pair of dance shoes that gives them good stability wiht an open heel.

The closed back and open back offer very different aesthetics when it comes to matching up with tango outfits. Some people believe the open heel lends more of a dressy look, making it perfect for milongas and performances. A gorgeous tango dress paired with open-heel shoes can create a sexy look. Again, the ideal choice of shoe is a pair in which the dancer feels comfortable and confident.


Matching the Outfit

Nude and black heels are often ideal because of their versatility. Either color can work with a wide variety of tango dresses, creating a seamless look. Metallic colors are also ideal because they can be paired with several tango dresses you may already have in your closet. If you do have a stellar pair of tango shoes that are sure to stand out on the dance floor, don’t be afraid to pair them with a solid color tango dress to ensures that the shoes take center stage.

What you wear out on the dance floor matters. The right tango dress paired with the right tango shoes can make a difference not only in how you look, but also how you feel. Take the time to match up tango dresses and shoes that create the ideal look for your evening out. If you’re heading to a milonga, don’t be afraid to take your outfit up a notch.

Katharina J