4 Tango Outfits for the International Tango Festivals 2019

If you’re headed out to one of the upcoming tango festivals, it’s time to start thinking about what you want to pack. You need items that you feel great in but also want to be practical as far as what you bring. Here are four outfits that are easy to pack and give you the alluring appearance that you want out on the dance floor.

BIANCA Reversible Red/ Black Dress

This BIANCA dress is a great choice for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it’s reversible. This means that when you pack this dress, you’re really getting two outfits. One side of the dress is red from top to bottom. But when you reverse it, the dress is mainly black with just red detailing in the portion twisted across the back. The fitted top and flared skirt is perfect for a wide range of body types.


REGINA Starry Black Dress

This REGINA dress is sure to make heads turn as you get ready to take the floor for your favorite tango. This straight dress has the type of material that will shimmer in the light and give you that added boost of confidence you want and need at the start of the night. Because of the style of the dress, there is a slit in the back to ensure that you are able to move without feeling confined by your outfit choice. Two straps cut across the opening at the upper back provide a little extra detailing.


BELLA White Leaves Skirt and MARINA Navy Blue Top

Bringing separates to tango festivals is always a great idea because it allows you to create unique outfits every single day. The MARINA Navy Blue Top is a must have for travel because of the many pieces it can be paired with. It works well with high-waisted skirts, making it ideal to wear with the BELLA White Leaves Skirt. While the skirt is fitted at the waist and hips, it has some extra material in the back to make it flow a little around the knees.


MARINA Top and PAOLA Black Skirt

If you love the MARINA Top in navy blue, why not pick it up in another color? While the front features a higher neckline, the back opens up and offers a crisscross design that accentuates this part of the body. Try pair the red MARINA top with the PAOLA Black Skirt. Made with stretch material, you’ll get a large range of motion in this outfit. The back of the skirt ends in a v-shape with additional material falling down in a perfect flow.

If you’re traveling to any one of the tango festivals, it’s important to have the right things to wear. Any one of the items above is great for travel and will wear well at any type of event. Bring a reversible dress so that you have options, bring the REGINA dress for a more formal event and bring along some MARINA tops along with your favorite printed and plain tango skirts to be prepared for all festival milongas.

Katharina J