Check Out 3 Great Tango Outfits for Size L Tangueras

Every woman, regardless of size, wants to look great out on the dance floor. For tangueras who wear size large, there are several different selections that are sure to complement their body. Here are three different outfit options for tangueras who look for tango skirts and dresses and who are normally wearing size large.


CLARA Reversible Floral/ Black Skirt with MARINA Black Top

The CLARA Reversible Floral Skirt is the ideal addition to any tanguera’s closet. The floral print in red, white, navy blue and black will work with a wide variety of tops. As this tango skirt has a high waist, the MARINA Black Tango Top is a perfect pairing. With a high neckline, the dramatic back is what really gets the attention. It crisscrosses in the back, leaving most of the back open. If the goal is to be dressy, the top can be paired with the other side of the skirt which is black for a monochrome look.


MIA White Floral Skirt with ANGEL Navy Blue Top

Floral prints are in this season and the MIA White Floral Skirt is a perfect skirt to wear on and off the dance floor. The skirt is straight with slits on both sides to ensure that you can tango into the early hours of the morning comfortably. This skirt is also high-waisted and works with a number of the tops in our collection. The ANGEL Navy Blue Top is one of the tops to pair really well with this skirt. It has a classic appearance in the front with a bateau neckline, mid-length sleeves and an open upper back with thin straps that meet up in a bow right in the middle. It’s an appealing look that works well with curves while still keeping everything covered.

LUCIA White Floral Dress with Navy Blue Bow

Sometimes, a dress is just easier. It’s one piece of clothing to pack and because of the material, it gives you the confidence you need out on the dance floor. The LUCIA White Floral Dress has so many qualities that are ideal for tangueras who wear size large. The dress design accentuates the waist, creating an appealing shape. In the back, a chic long bow leaves behind plenty of material that trails downward. The dress itself is sleeveless, keeping you cool as you move, and the asymmetrical short front, long back skirt brings a little extra appeal.

Wearing size large doesn’t mean that you choices are limited. Instead, there are plenty of options available including skirts, tops and dresses. And, to maximize your wardrobe, consider some of the reversible styles, like the CLARA Reversible Skirt shown above. Skirts and tops can be mixed and matched to expand your wardrobe options. Or, if you just want something easy, opt for a tango dress. Each piece is made with quality materials and creates a beautiful appearance on the dance floor. Some of our items are also favorites for summer parties, anniversaries and traveling tangueras. Take them with you wherever you go.

Katharina J