Top 4 Gorgeous Reversible Tango Skirts for Every Argentine Tango Dancer

Did you know a gorgeous reversible skirt can earn you maximum returns of appreciation? Here lies the magic because you can use that one particular skirt for at least two different occasions. Such tango skirts are popular amongst the tango dancing travellers. If you are one of them then you are likely tired of carrying extra luggage. Check out our CLARA reversible skirts which are available in a wide array of fabrics and in sizes XS, S, M and L.

Our focus is not just on how you look but on how you feel, too. Comfort is always our main concern and so we will always prefer good quality materials and designs ideal for the dance floor as well as chic and comfortable enough to take on a short weekend trip or wear to a birthday party. So, drape yourself today with the finest collection of reversible tango skirts from Coleccion Berlin today. Here below are some of the handpicked collections straight from our store:


CLARA Red/ Black Skirt

As mentioned above, our CLARA skirts are considered to be the ideal companion for tango-dancing travellers because this skirt design can be worn on either side. This pencil shaped skirt comes with a back slit opening and ruched detail in the back. This skirt works for tangueras of all sizes. It is also perfect for pear and hourglass shaped tango dancers. Pick the red/black reversible CLARA skirt for a classic tango color combination and match it with your favorite top to stand out from the crowd.

The comfortable, soft and stretchy fabric helps in making grand moves on the dance floor. After you opt for your favourite skirt, team it up with a matching top as well. Tango tops are available in a wide variety of designs, of course, keeping the ultra-chic tangueras in mind.


CLARA Sky Blue/ Black Skirt

You will always find that there are some tango dancer that chose the right tango top that matches her tango skirt and shoes. If you chose this light blue tango skirt, then you might want to combine it with a dark top to make the lightness of the blue color stand out. The first thing that comes to mind is to match it with a classic black top and accessories that play with the color blue. To combine it with blue tango shoes would be another option. Play around with the possibilities and then go check what works best for you on the dance floor.

Blue is believed to be a cool colour and for a bolder look, you could match it with a top in bordeaux red or dark violet. No need to buy everything new if you have solid color tops in your wardrobe already.


CLARA Little Red Florals/ Black Skirt

To celebrate the gusto of spring, get this beautiful little red florals/ black tango skirt today.

If you want to add more colours to your tango wardrobe then nothing can be better than the red florals fabric. Red always makes a great impact when combined with black, navy blue or simply more red. You will have your comfort zone to make a bolder statement with this red floral design as it is very comfortable to wear and fits perfectly with the season. Wear it on the black side on days of less confidence and to show off in floral print, simply turn it to the other side! Team this skirt up with an attractive top from our collection. If anything can complete the visual beauty of feminine florals, then it has to be a classic red or black top. As expected, you will be looking both graceful and smart if you sport the CLARA skirt with a MARINA criss cross top.


CLARA Metallic/ Black Skirt

Show off those curves of yours by picking a metallic and black tango skirt from Coleccion Berlin today. Apart from basic tango fashion elements like great open back cuts and lovely designs with slits and ruched details, the fabric you pick plays a major role. This CLARA skirt comes with a metallic look with abstract shades. Its unique, fun print will surely be a great addition to your tango wardrobe. The metallic shine attracts the eye, changes every moment you move on the dance floor and can never be reproduced by any solid colour you see.

Pair this gorgeous skirt with our black neckholder top STELLA or top EMMA with sleeves and draped details and get the blazing look ready for your tango night.  

So, check out our stunning dancewear collection to find your favourite tango skirt today.

Katharina J