Great Hairstyles for Tango Dancers - Get Ready for the Milonga

The goal of a tango dancer might be to make sure that each step falls into place, but there’s a lot to be said for looking and feeling amazing out on the dance floor. While the clothing that you choose is important, don’t overlook the hairstyles that complement the clothing and the movement of the dance. From loose curls falling down your back to tight buns, hairstyles are often a matter of personal preference. There are some benefits that come with each look.

The Bun

Many women and their partners prefer to wear their hair in a bun. Throughout the movement of the dance, the hair stays in place and prevents a distraction for both partners. Without hair flying around, partners can see where they are going and stay in time with the music without missing a beat. While the bun is a simple look, this doesn’t mean it isn’t sexy. For outfits that have an open back, the bun also allows for the back to be highlighted and exposed, adding a little something extra to the overall look.


The French Twist

If a bun seems too severe, a French twist is a great alternative. The hair is still up and contained so that it isn’t getting in the way of the dance, but it is possible to create a softer look. Even though the twist looks loose, it is still secured with bobby pins and stays in place throughout the night. At the same time, it is possible to allow some small pieces, often right around the ears, to fall down to give it a more relaxed chic look. 

Meet in the Middle - Two Sides Up

There’s no doubt that leaving hair down creates a sexy look, but it can also be distracting and get in the way of the movement. A style with two sides up is a great compromise. All of the hair in the front and the sides is pulled back. This allows a dancer to see at all times without worrying about her hair falling into her eyes and is also beneficial for her partner. Meanwhile, the longer pieces in the back can be left down. This can be a sexy look, especially with open-back tops. Much like the French twist, it offers dancers a nice balance.

While choosing a hairstyle for tango is certainly a personal preference, take into consideration what will be best out on the dance floor. Don’t be afraid to try a couple of moves while getting ready, just to get a better idea of whether your hair is going to be problematic. At the same time, remember that the hairstyle, much like your makeup, should complement you and your overall look. Don’t be surprised if a bun looks better with certain outfits and wearing loose curls in the back looks better with others. It’s okay to put together different looks to ensure that you are feeling beautiful and confident when the time comes to dance. Let other tangueras as well as beauty blogs be your inspiration. With time and experience, it will be easy to know which hairstyles work best for tango. 

Katharina J