Red – The Passionate Color for All Tango Shows and Milongas

What colour comes to your mind when you think of Argentine tango dancing? Did you think red? Most people imagine a woman tango dancer in red attire. In fact, red is considered to be the versatile colour for many tango shows. Of course, the feel good factor is when you are complimented for your elegant yet sassy look.

If you are a tanguera and want to get a red tango outfit, too, then come to us.  For any handmade tango dress, skirt and tops, Coleccion Berlin will be your ideal go-to destination. The products will not just make you feel comfortable but look graceful all through your tango dance.  Here we are with our amazing oh-so-classy collection of tango dresses, skirts and tops.



Red is the colour of love, power, energy, passion and determination. So, when it comes to tango, red has to be there. Buy this gorgeous crimson red top and sport it with a black or floral skirt from our collection. Complete your look with subtle jewellery and a pair of silver, golden or nude tango shoes. Click here to see our collection of tango tops.


CLARA reversible Red/ Black Skirt

To accentuate your feminine charm, a red tango skirt paired with a beautiful tango top and tango shoes is a MUST. The stretchable fabric of the outfits assures a comfortable and snug fit. When you are thinking of draping yourself for an exclusive tango night then buy the CLARA reversible red and black skirt and flip it to the black side if you do not feel like wearing red all the way. Perfect to take traveling, too!

CLARA_reversible_red_floral_tango_skirt (2).JPG

CLARA reversible Floral/ Red Skirt

Tango skirts are the best pick to mix and match with your preferred tango tops. Here’s the chance to ditch your regular tango-dress look and welcome this classic twist to a tango skirt with ruched back detail. Buy this reversible floral/ red skirt to get ready for the season, spring vibes included. We have a lovely variety of tango skirts in our collection. To know more click here.


BIANCA reversible Red/ Black Dress

Are you in search of a beautiful tango dress? Then get in touch today to get personal assistance. Coleccion Berlin brings forth an amazing collection of tango dresses which is sure to be great company on the dance floor. You will be simply spoilt for choices as you will get anything from a reversible red/ black design to patterned and bright tango dresses for spring and summer. It is always great to have a dress that serves different purposes, too. Some of the dresses can easily be styled to wear at any party. Also consider them as your travel companion as most of the fabrics do not wrinkle. So, why not buy this tango dress today?

Katharina J