5 Best Tango Skirts for Any Tango Dance Night

Dress like a superstar and hit the tango dance floor! When it’s your favorite tango dance night you might want to stand out from the crowd and dress your best. Whether it’s a tango extravaganza or a casual evening party, an elegant skirt will always be the right pick. A skirt will never fail to disappoint you if you match it with the right top.

Check out the amazing collection of tango skirts at our store. You will simply go gaga over our jaw-dropping collection exclusively for tangueras who like classic elegance and fun fabrics. Check out our variety of flowy skirt but also look at the pencil tango skirts which can be easily worn to any kind of party. All of the fabric are selected specially for the dance floor as they stretch to give you room to move. Sort through our newest collection and order your ideal tango outfit today.        

PAOLA royal blue floral skirt.JPG

PAOLA Royal Blue Floral Skirt

To celebrate the zest of the season, get this royal blue floral dress today. This skirt is recommended for petite dancers. The length is perfect for anyone who is 165cm / 5'4" ft in height and below. The gorgeous royal blue and white flower pattern reveals the refined chemistry between contemporary and traditional fashion. This classically cut PAOLA skirt is designed to pay homage to the traditional Argentine tango fashion. You need not worry about its comfort as it is made of soft and breathable fabric.  

PAOLA violet tango skirt.JPG

PAOLA (extra long) Violet Skirt

What do you prefer mostly - prints, multi-hues or monochromes? Or is it black? You will find almost everything in our store. However, if you are interested in the latter then the PAOLA skirt in mysterious dark violet will be the right pick. This gorgeous piece of Argentine tango dance fashion is exclusively designed for the taller tango dancers out there (165 cm / 5'4" ft height & above). See our collection of tango skirt here.  

CLARA pink black tango skirt.JPG

CLARA Pink/ Black Skirt

Look gorgeous with this superb reversible pink and black skirt. A perfect travel-friendly tango skirt, CLARA is specially meant for the tango festival days. Its stretchy, comfortable and soft fabric will help you make glorious moves on the dance floor. If you have a long day performance and have no time to change then turn around the skirt and you are ready to rock. Shop CLARA skirts here.

BELLA white leaves tango skirt.JPG

BELLA White Leaves Skirt

Head towards the milonga with this lovely skirt! A perfect classy slim shaped tango skirt, the BELLA skirt is fun to put on for any tango dance party. Wear this tango skirt decked in leafy and bold prints to step out from your regular looks. Available in different sizes, match this piece of Argentine tango fashion with a stunning tango top from the collection. Know more here.

COCO_fantasy print tango skirt.JPG

COCO Fantasy Print Skirt

Whether it is an occasion or a dance party and tango is your primary choice then you have to come to us to check out the COCO skirts. The best thing about this tango skirt is that it can be worn by any tanguera regardless of age. Give our COCO skirt a spin to get the full effect of the material’s elegant flow. This is a flowy wrap skirt and she adds remarkable sensuality to your moves. Once you selected your tango skirt, match it with a fashionable top in graceful style. Know more here.

Once you selected your outfit, head out to tango and dance all you want!

Katharina J