Petite Tangueras: Spruce up their Tango Closet with these Tango Outfits!

Those of you, who are looking for a petite style guide, are in the right place. Coleccion Berlin is here to guide you with all fashionable ideas. We have some of the best stylish secrets for our Petite Tangueras. True, we understand that a lot of petite women face trouble in finding the right outfits for themselves. We believe that one can be beautiful at any height. So to complement your frame as well as give the illusion of length and height to your body, we have come up with an amazing collection.


Outfit 1: MIA Spring Floral Skirt or PAOLA Royal Blue Floral Skirt combined with ANGEL Navy Blue Top

Look gorgeous and beautiful with this amazing pick from the Coleccion Berlin store. Chose the MIA spring floral skirt or the PAOLA royal blue floral skirt.

MIA is a pretty windswept floral double layer straight skirt with long slits on either side whereas PAOLA is a slim shaped flowy skirt made of single fabric with shorter front length and longer back. Both skirt have a length that works well for anyone below 165cm and thus are the perfect fit for petite tangueras worldwide. The fit is comfortable and the skirts should make every dance move seamless and easy as the fabric stretches with every step.

Match either skirt with our gorgeous ANGEL navy blue top with a cute bow at the back and see how you look. Needless to say that you can expect to get the highest returns of appreciation from your fellow dancers when you decide to take this tango outfit on the dance floor.


Outfit 2: DIANA Reversible Spring Floral/ Navy Blue Dress

If you want to embrace a beautiful floral dress this spring and summer then do come to us. At Coleccion Berlin, we bring you an amazing collection of dresses for this season. Always remember that a good tango dress make a great staple to any tango wardrobe.

Check out this beautiful DIANA reversible spring floral/ navy blue dress from our collection which is a perfect fit for any Petite tanguera. The length will be just right for tango dancing. A perfect travel-friendly dress, this can be worn on either side. Its signature criss-cross overlay in the lower back is sure to make you look stunning. The fitted pencil skirt comes with a small slit - perfect for petite dancers who like to show off their legs.  


Outfit 3: BIANCA Reversible Black/ Red Dress

This double layered fully reversible dress could be your new favourite travel companion this season. The super cute and super stylish twisted open back cut out of the dress is especially recommended for petite tango dancers. The best thing about the skirt is its A-line design that helps to add comfortable swing to your step. As it is a reversible dress, you can wear it on either side as per your comfort and choice of occasion.


Outfit 4: BELLA Starry Black Skirt combined with CRISTINA Red Lace Top

If you are looking for a starry tango skirt for your upcoming tango event try out our classic BELLA skirt. It is a classic slim shaped skirt, which would look amazingly beautiful when teamed up with a wine red lace CRISTINA top. Recommended for an elegant dance night, this skirt is made of stretch fabric and would have the ideal length for petite tangueras who are looking for a classic tango skirt to cover their knees and show off their legs.

Last but not the least, choices are yours. What you pick depends on what you want for the upcoming tango events, milongas and practicas.

Katharina J