3 New Tango Skirts You Should Not Miss

When shimmer meets tango, magic sparks! Tangueras all over the world are already in love with our shimmering collection of skirts and dresses and we are flooded with requests to create some more magic. So here we are with three new jaw-droppingly gorgeous tango skirts with a sassy twist of shimmer for the ultra-chic tangueras.   


1. COCO teal skirt

Dazzle your way to the dance floor with this one of a kind tango skirt. Immersed in gleams of teal, this skirt is a fitting choice for a contrasting unicolor tango top. The pretty bow rightfully underscores your tanguerish elegance and the asymmetrical flowy pattern assures maximum flexibility while you make those complex moves. Slim or broader hips, the size of this amazing wrap skirt fits any dancer who wants to accentuate the waist.    


2. MIA bronze skirt

Dancing tango can be much more hip and happening if you pair it with an outfit that makes you look stunningly attractive. This travel-friendly tango skirt is meant for those tango festival days where you are expected to pull together your statuesque best. Having a long performance day but don’t have time to change? Just turn this skirt around to get a whole new black skirt and you are all set. Match this classic skirt with a stunning tango top, your favorite tango shoes and a tightly tied ponytail.


3. PAOLA teal skirt

Our dancewear collection gets better with the variety of fabrics and colors it offers. This teal-tinted shimmer skirt with a slit on one leg is one of those rare tango skirts from our collection that will glamorize your tango wardrobe all the more. The stretch fabric will lend you a relaxed fit when you move about with your tango partner. Have a look at our tango tops section to find the perfect match for this oh-so-lovely skirt.

We have more in the offing in our stunning dancewear collection. Check them out here.

Katharina J