4 Types of Tango Skirts for Every Tanguera

You can never get enough of tango fashion if you keep yourself fashionably updated. Did you know there are a variety of tango skirts you can experiment with and stay comfortably graceful throughout your tango performance? Tango skirts are also an ideal choice to mix and match with your favorite tops and ditch the regular tango-dress-look with a classic twist. These are the types of tango skirts which you can pick according to your taste and body type.

1. A-line skirt

As the name suggests, these skirts have a narrow waist that gradually broadens at the bottom, like the alphabet A. These skirts usually suit every body type rendering super-comfy fit during the dance performance. However, you should make sure you get the right length and size considering your height and structure. Whether multicolored or monochrome, every tanguera must have at least one A-line skirt in their closet.    

2. Flowy skirt

Fun, playful and pretty! This is how a flowy skirt can define you if you wear one during your tango nights. Like A-line skirts, flowy skirts too are suitable for all body types. Although these are usually considered to be summer fashion staples, you can wear these during spring or autumn and break the monotony. Be careful about the prints you choose and make sure it blends well with the tango top you wear.      

3. Extra long Skirt

Extra long skirts can be a go-to choice for those gorgeous leggy tangueras. Long tango skirts are available in various styles such as asymmetrical, flowy, and pencil and if you match it with the right top it might give an impression of a gorgeous dress as well. Make sure the fabric is stretchy enough to support the comfort you need on and off the dance floor.    


4. Pencil Skirt

Unlike an A-line or a flowy skirt, a pencil skirt is supposed to be skin tight waist to hemline. Ideal for tangueras blessed with slender frames, this skirt will also complement the hour-glass types of any size. If unsure of the fabric you should choose, get assistance. Underline your bold disposition by pairing a pencil skirt with a skin-hugging tango top.

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Katharina J