Winter Special Styling Tips for Tangueras

While the winter is rolling around, it’s time to raise the style ante and look fabulous both on and off the stage. While some of the fashion-forward tangueras already have their styling tips up their sleeves, some ladies are always seeking more advice to look their voguish best. We have tried to consolidate some valuable ideas for the latter lot to help them accentuate their beauty all the more and be comfortable in their outfit. Let’s get started!

How to choose your ideal tango outfit?

Whether you shop for a top-and-skirt combo or a tango dress, assess the prints and colors wisely. You can opt for shimmery or metallic tango dresses with elbow length or long sleeves. If you are not too much into sparkles, you might find your match in red and black solids. Tangueras who prefer printed dresses or tops can pick paisley or polka dotted prints to rev up the visual appeal. Florals are also a good option even though they are not the typical choice for the winter months.

Cuts, layers, and sizes also play key roles in underlining your winter-special tango look. While A-line and flowy dresses and skirts will look good on most tangueras, women with curves are well-advised to chose pencil skirts with stretchy fabric. Stretch fabric will adjust to the body’s shape elegantly and if the right fabric is chosen, it does not matter so much whether a tanguera is size XS or L. There is a great selection of body-hugging dresses and pencil skirts created by tango apparel specialists which will give everyone a chance to find their favorite outfit. Tangueras who wish to cover their problem areas should chose black and dark shades or prints which will nearly always distract from these zones.

Makeup and hair styling tips

The right choice of makeup and hair styling differs from person to person. However, tango makeup is a tad bit different as it is a dance of passion. You can add to the drama with smoky eyes, winged eyeliners, or kohl-laden eyes. Just be careful to use products which stay on when you sweat a little. No panda eyes wished for. Glam up your winter tango look with any shade of red lipstick.

Shoes and accessories

You must have come across a lot of expert tips for buying the ‘right shoes’ for tango. However, you should never compromise on comfort and fit when buying them. Try tango shoes from a good tango shoe specialist store and ask your tango friends which brands they recommend. Best don’t go for gaudy neckpieces or earrings as you wouldn’t want unnecessary slipups when you dance. Simple but elegant jewelry will do for tango.

Katharina J