4 Tango Outfits to wear this Autumn

The autumn is here and so is the time to upscale your tango collection. We are always striving to keep our eye on the ball and capture the unique blend of traditional and contemporary in each of our creations. So we are back again with a fresh new autumn collection to tart up your tango wardrobe a notch higher.


1. DIANA reversible black & berry red dress

How about a dress that is not only desirable but also space-saving? Cut out to lay emphasis on the diva in you, this reversible dress is perfect for the tangueras who travel around. One way it is mystically black, the other way it is an impeccable blend of berry red top and black skirt. The premium quality stretchy fabric attunes to your body to keep you relaxed on and off the dance floor. Featured with a small slit at the front and deep cut back, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this beautiful dress.

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2. ANGEL black top

This is a simple yet classic three-quarter top which is designed for those who wish to look leaner on stage. Slant with an open back v-line design paired with strings to tie into a bow, this top will look delightful with a contrast tango skirt. The signature bateau neckline and elbow length sleeves harmonize elegantly with your body to keep you going.

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3. CARLA white leaves dress

Flow tango dresses are both fun and comfortable to wear. Infused with the freshness of floral and leafy stints, this classic dress is a must-have in your tango wardrobe. The shorter front and the longer back cut is strategically crafted to underpin easeful dancing.

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4. CLARA reversible navy blue skirt

Can’t decide whether you want to buy a light-hued skirt or a dark one? Why not buy both? Well, not literally! Buy one and you get to wear both the colors on different occasions. Classic navy blue on one side and crème white on the other, this skirt does look like a real deal, isn’t it?

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Katharina J