Try Any of these Stunning Hairstyles on Your Tango Day!

We often share tips about tango clothing and style tips. Quite a few of our customers have asked us to share styling tips on hairdos to look splendid on their special tango days and nights. So here we are! Skim through some of the trendiest and classic hairstyles to go with any type of tango dress.

High bun

Nowadays, a lot of tangueras are breaking the stereotype and experimenting with their fashion sensibilities. A neatly pleated or a messy high-bun hairdo will look great with a trendy tango dress.

The bun - a simple, beautiful way to style your hair!

The bun - a simple, beautiful way to style your hair!

Braid maid

Have you always dreamt of a fairytale tango night? Then Disney’s Elsa and Jasmine should definitely charm you. Their braided hairdo will be a perfect fit to complete your tango look.

Tight updos

Do you find one-shoulder tango dresses fascinating? Nothing looks better than a tight updo. Team it up with a pair of gorgeous stud earrings to complete the look.

Curl up and down

After you perk up the tresses with those perfect curls, you can wear a half up and half down look. Complete the look with a berry red tango dress. Just make sure to use hairspray to make sure it doesn’t distract you while you dance.

Pixie pick

Stun the onlookers by sporting something absolutely out of the box. How about a pixie cut?

Color play

While most of the tangueras prefer their natural hair color, there are some who wishes to tread the vibrant way. Pull together a ‘cool tanguera’ look by coloring your hair red, golden, or even multihued for a bolder demeanor. These are the kind of looks that have become more popular in recent years, often teamed up with a fancy hair cut.

Watch this space for more such tango styling and clothing tips. You can also chat with us about customizing your tango apparel for your grand event. Click here.

Katharina J