Top 6 Tango Dresses to Spruce up your Wardrobe

Although there’s no hard and fast rule to follow a particular type of tango fashion regime, it is always advisable to keep a tab on the trending designs and patterns. A great tango dress will not only provide enough room for tango dance moves but make the tanguera look stunning on the dance floor! If you’re a tango enthusiast or a professional tanguera, then browse through these exclusive designer creations to be the spotlight of the grand tango night.



1. MALENA berry dress

Nothing can beat the beauty of a classic berry red dress! The MALENA berry dress can ideally fit your fashion bill for reasons more than one. Featured with a high bateau neckline and tailored fit down to the knee, this dress is crafted with love to give you a perfect snug fit while you make those twisty moves.
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2. CARLA violet floral dress

Flow dresses are always recommendable for dancing tango. If you want a break from the solid hues then this floral printed tango dress can be a breather.  
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3. OLIVIA white print dress

Aesthetically imbued with the regal charm of white and blue, this dress can be an exceptional pick. Wear it on a tango night or at a soirée with your friends, be ready to attract the attention of everyone. It is a lovely dress to bring on vacation as well - guaranteed wrinkle-free!
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4. OLIVIA paisley dress

Have you ever thought paisley print can also be a head turner on the dance floor? With this charming blend of red, yellow and blue tones, this tango dress is a show stopper with a happy twist. 
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5. ANGELINA black dress

A neckholder tango dress is a must-have for any tango dancer. It will not only make you look exquisitely ravishing but will serve as a comfortable ally to complement your bold moves both on and off the dance floor. A slit at one side adds extra charm to it’s design. 
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6. MALENA poppy dress

One of the most sought-after tango dress prints, this dress is a winner on the dance floor. With bursts of bold florals, the MALENA dress is ideal for the tangueras who prefer elegant high necklines while showing off their back.
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Katharina J