Stunning New Arrivals for Tangueras

At Coleccion Berlin we do our best to amaze our global buyers with our new arrivals. Your rave reviews have always given us an impetus to upgrade our collection and deliver the best-in-class tango creations worldwide. Considering the demands and suggestions of our valued buyers, we have come back again with some fresh pieces. Check them out before they run off the shelves. 

tango skirt with flow.JPG

1. PAOLA royal blue floral skirt
Here’s a skirt that can be a great companion to a top of any color. With bursts of blue, red and white, this lovely flower blossom material exhibits a refined chemistry between tradition and contemporary. Make a glorious move on stage or be a stunner in your day-outs, this skirt is cut to perfection with soft fabric to keep you comfortable all through the day. It can be conveniently machine washed in a mesh lingerie bag to protect it from tangles and tears.
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tango skirt floral print.JPG

2. COCO rosé floral skirt
This super suave wrap skirt has a timeless appeal to add to your classic charm. Encapsulated with floral grace, the wrap design of the skirt is strategically designed to allow adjustments through overlap around the waist. It is featured with imperial fabric and design to help you perform those complex ochos and adornos with confidence. Besides, you can also choose this skirt when you can’t decide what to wear for your date or night out with friends.
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tango outfit_tango skirt and tango dress.JPG

3. STELLA floral top
How about a top that gives you ample choices to experiment with style? Our Stella floral tango top is the right choice as you can either match it with our PAOLA royal blue floral skirt to make it look like a dress or team it up with a contrasting skirt for those days of tango extravaganza. The multi-hued floral pops are skillfully featured with elegant cuts to flaunt your figure exceptionally well. Grab this exclusive piece for fuss-free tango experience.
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tango skirt_tango shoes.JPG

4. BELLA white leaves skirt
Lose your regular look with this tango skirt adorned with bold leafy print. Although the skirt derives its aesthetics from traditional Argentine tango fashion, you can match it with a sassy tango top to give it a contemporary twist. Its stretch fabric assures maximal comfort while you make those sudden twists and turns. Available in varied sizes, take your ideal pick to stand out from the crowd when you attend any international tango festival.
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tango skirt in black and white.JPG

5. COCO black and white skirt
A classic combination of black and white can never be passé. This black and white wrap skirt is aesthetically crafted to wear it both on an extravagant tango event or on a chic summer night out. Featured with a beautiful bow on the side, it will look great with a red, white or a black tango top. Team it up with matching stilettos or your favorite pair of tango shoes to complete the perfect tango look.
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You can also take a sneak peek of the entire collection on the homepage. Hit us up via LiveChat or send a quick email to if you have any questions on your tango style.  

Katharina J