Mix and Match these Tango Tops and Skirts to Look Your Best

From classic satin fabric to comfy stretch fabric, tango fashion has encountered its share of evolution over the years. The millennial tangueras are always on the lookout for comfortable tango clothing options without compromising the visual appeal. Here are some of the eye-popping combinations that will make you look a stunner both on and off the stage.


1. MARINA black top with MIA polka dot slit skirt

Relive the autumn fashion by pairing this classic black top with this polka-dotted slit skirt. The top is strategically cut to harmonize with your tango moves while the skirt is featured with a double layer of fabric to make it a smooth fit.


2. ANA navy blue neckholder top with PAOLA extra long floral skirt

Navy blue is the next best alternative to black and the tangueras who prefer darker shades will absolutely love this combination. Take your cue from this upbeat alliance of an uber-chic neckholder top coupled with a dark violet floral printed skirt. The skirt is reminiscent of the traditional Argentine tango dance fashion that uprightly complements the taste of modern tangueras.


3. MARINA floral top with PAOLA royal blue floral skirt

How about ditching the contrasting blend and combine similar prints instead? Not sure how it will look? Take a look at this swanky medley of floral-printed top and skirt that apparently looks like a dress! While the top flaunts your back exceptionally well, the flow skirt bewitchingly pulls you through a long tango night.


4. ANGEL berry top with CLARA black skirt

This combination is recommended for the tangueras who are more comfortable in extra coverage. Featured with an open back v-line design and strings to tie into a bow, this top will look its resplendent best with this classically cut solid black skirt.

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Katharina J