How to Stay Comfortable when Dancing Tango

From ochos to sacadas, tango dance is imbued with complex twists and improvisations. Besides concentrating on your steps, you need to ensure your partner is equally in-sync with your moves. One of the ground rules for a great tango execution is to stay comfortable throughout the dance. If you are a tanguera looking for ways to stay at ease while you dance then skim through these tips to help you buy the right tango fashion.

1. Wear stretch fabric

Try not to experiment with your tango wardrobe too much. Choose dresses that are crafted by designers who specialize in tango clothing. They use the right material that will give you a snug fit and let your body breathe easy while you can focus on dancing all you want. Make sure you choose stretch fabric that is usually a combination polyester and elastane material. Stretch fabric is usually also great for tango dancing travelers because it simply does not crease. No need for ironing at all.


2. Vet the cuts

Cuts play a vital role for comfortable tango clothing. Those who swear by tango dresses should try out both tight and flow dresses to make out what matches their requirement. Tango dresses with good flow and a shorter front paired with longer back can be a great choice for any milonga. Tight tango dresses with back or front slits assure enough space to make your favorite dance moves. Tango fashionistas can opt for dresses with V shape, open, deep open, and many other asymmetrical back cuts to flaunt their back.

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3. To top it all…

You can break from the clutter of tango dresses and buy ultra-chic tango tops instead. Peruse the neckline of the top you choose and make sure they complement your body type. From neck holder to crossed back tops, you will be spoilt for choices if you check out this stunning collection here.

4. Skirt sass

After you opt for your favorite top, team it with a matching skirt. Tango skirts are available in a variety of cuts and designs keeping the gorgeous dancers in mind. While pencil skirts with a back slit cut offer flexibility, flow skirts allow unrestrained movement.

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Katharina J