5 Effective Style Tips Every Tanguera should Keep in Mind

Drama and tango dancing go hand in hand! While some tangueras are not much into prim-and-proper styling, some always love to do the tango à la mode. However, anyone into professional tango dancing needs to look presentable as they will be the cynosure of the stage when they perform. Here are some effective style tips for all those lovely tangueras to help them look stage-perfect.


1. Opt for a gorgeous yet comfortable tango dress

Whether you choose a flow dress or a tight dress, make sure it is created by a professional tango designer. They use the right material and cuts that are strategically crafted to keep you comfortable even during those long-haul hours.

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2. Pair a swanky top with a tango skirt

The beauty of tango tops and skirts is you can wear it even on a date night or a day out with your family. Buy a solid color tango top and match it with a contrasting tango skirt to look your sassy best during your performance.

3. Skip gaudy jewelry

Even if you’re a jewelry person, you need to do away with it while you perform. You need to keep it subtle and simple to avoid your bling-thing clinging to your partner’s shirt while you make your move.

4. Ponytail or bun?

You always have enough room to experiment with your mane. Tie your hair the way you want but never keep it open! Go for cool hairstyles such as high bun, ponytail, french braid, or even a fishtail. Make sure to use enough hair spray to keep it styled for hours.

5. Avoid make-up woes

Of course, a decent deal of touch up is important to complement your look but that doesn’t mean you will choke your skin with excessive foundation and eye makeup. Always use waterproof eye makeup products to avoid awkward moments.

Watch this space for more such tango styling and clothing tips. You can also chat with us about customizing your tango apparel for your grand event. Click here.

Katharina J