Attending a Tango Festival? Keep these Nifty Tips in Mind

From Singapore International Tango Festival to Sultans Tango Marathon & Festival, a host of tango extravaganza is in the offing for all the professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. Are you one of them who are waiting with bated breath to make it in any of the tango festivals? If yes, then it’s time you ask yourself if you’re ready for it or not. These are the tips you should keep in mind to be festival-ready.

Know the basics: Tango festivals definitely have a lot to offer but it’s always advisable to know the common terminologies and techniques prevalent in the tango industry. This will help you learn and improvise much faster.

Buy comfortable tango apparel: Do away with gaudy embellishments when it comes to opting for your ideal tango apparel. Tango dance dresses are supposed to be customized per the requirements of the dance techniques. You can either wear an A-line dress from any retailer or pick out a tango dress or top and skirt designed especially for tango dancing. These are made of soft fabric which gives you a snug fit to match your moves.   

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Get the right shoes: Try to match your shoes with the outfit. If you're buying a new pair for the festival then make sure you try some moves with those shoes on. Also, keep a pair extra to avoid awkward moments in a foreign place. It is best to take your most comfortable dance shoes for a festival if you are planning to spend as much time as possible on the dance floor. After all, that’s what tango festivals are about - lots of dancing in beautiful surroundings. 

Relaxing hairdo: Never leave your hair open. Tie your hair with your preferred hairstyle so that it doesn’t cover your face every time you make a move with your partner.   

Travel light: You wouldn’t want to cram your traveling bag with excessive clobber and keep it light to make room for the essentials. Buy reversible dresses or reversible skirts which you can wear either way round.    

Keep those apps handy: From learning the native language to knowing the hotspots, travel apps can help you adapt to the culture and people of the place where the festival is going to be organized. Do some research online and download some nifty apps that will guide you through the tour. 

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Katharina J