5 Things to consider when Buying your Tango Apparel

Tango has become a universal partner dance which is no more restricted to its founder countries such as Argentina and Uruguay. The tangueras and tangueros are expected to render the audience spellbound with their passionate stunts and wearing the right clothes is very important to add to the drama. While the tangueros can manage to pull it off with a light-weight jacket and a suave shirt, the ladies often find it a bit challenging to decide on the right type of tango apparel. If you’re one of them then you can consider these tips when buying your tango apparel.

Stretchable fabric - Tango Dress.jpg

1. Stretchable fabric
Opt for light and soft fabric that stretches well. A snug fit is very important for flexibility so that you can concentrate on the performance. 

Check out this tango dress which is ideal for those who like to flaunt their penchant for style without compromising comfort. 

2. Prioritize your style preference
Do you wish to flaunt your back or you’re more comfortable covering up? There is always room for experimenting with your fashion flare and to give a fair share of chances to tango dresses with elegant cuts and layering.

Watch out for this look book to explore.  

solid colors and print - Tango Dress.jpg

3. Dress or better to opt for a skirt and top?
Do not just restrict yourself to a particular form of tango apparel. You might be a dress person but if you combine a sassy top with the right skirt, you may feel equally confident while you dance. Also, if you mix it right, a skirt and top combo might look like a dress. 

MARINA crossed back top - Tango Dress.jpg

4. Color play
Although red and black are considered to be the traditional colors for tango clothing, consider trying out other solid colors and prints as well.  

5. Lose the gaud
Minimalism combined with the right proportion of sass is expected from a tango fashionista. It is always recommendable for any tango dancer to do away with too much bling and stick to well-fitted designer apparel.  

Katharina J