Dressing Mistakes Every Lady Tanguera should Avoid

Every dance form has its own dressing protocol and it is always advisable to abide by those rules for an ultimate tango experience. This can be a great way to engage with the fellow tangueras and choose your dancing partner accordingly. However, a lot of lady tangueras don’t do it right when it comes to choosing their ideal dress. Let’s find out what the most common mistakes are and how to avoid any further awkwardness.

  • Different milongas have different types of themes and style and it is good to double check before attending any Argentine tango gathering. The most basic and important ground rule is to learn the dress code. You wouldn’t want to dress down casually in a formal event and put yourself in an embarrassing situation. The tangueras can opt for a classic black tango dress or cuts with elegant slits and open backs for those formal tango nights. Check out some of the trendiest black tango dresses here. Stylish print dresses might be an option, too.

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  • A lot of followers who are not comfortable with traditional tango wear that they might find too restricting in style. Thus some tango dancers end up wearing something completely inappropriate, for example a skirt that rides up and simply does not work for tango moves. There are a host of other alternatives though. It is good to check out some of the tango skirts and tops that are designed with comfortable fabric and have the right length for tango dancing.

  • Don’t just choose random casual pants and tops even if it is a casual tango event. This will do you no good as other dancers will surely have made an effort to dress appropriately for tango and will not take you seriously. It is a good idea to mix and match your clothing, especially if you have not yet a full wardrobe of tango dancewear. You could choose flowy skirts or even pants and match it with a top that is designed by a professional tango apparel designer. Make sure to test any non-tango wear out in practice lessons before though to make sure that it will work on the dance floor. Take a big step and check if the fabric allows dance moves. Only then are you ready to head to the milonga.

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  • Many tangueras make the mistake of ordering their dresses without checking its fabric qualities. Any tango outfit needs to complement with their dance moves. Fabrics should stretch enough so you can do your tango moves without restrictions. Thus it is best to check out tango clothes from the professionals who specialize in creating authentic tango apparel.

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