Tips to Prepare yourself for the World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires

So you’re all prepped up to be a part of the most-awaited Tango extravaganza in the world? You might be ready to witness the ‘World Tango Championship’ or ‘Mundial de Tango’ in Buenos Aires, but there are certain things that need serious consideration before you board the plane. You can skim over these nifty tips to soak in the best of the grand event.

Buy sassy tango apparel
Are you a dress-person or two-piece apparel is your thing? Whether you buy a gorgeous Tango dress or a skirt and top combo, make sure you are able to wear your tango outfit not only while dancing but also get the chance to flaunt it on any other occasion. Enlist help from these tango styles.     

red tango dress with print.JPG

Pick out the right tango shoes
Whether you’re a participant or not it is always advisable to keep a pair of tango footwear handy. Flexibility and comfort are the two most important factors you should keep in mind when buying your pair of tango shoes. Instead of experimenting too much with the aesthetics, you should focus more on the material and shape of the shoes.     

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Learn the language
Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after Chinese. If you already know Spanish then use your skills while in Buenos Aires and emerge yourself in the culture. Non-Spanish speakers can always learn the basics to communicate with the locals better.

Take your kids along
If you are a tango enthusiast who wishes to enlighten your little ones about their favorite dance form then there can’t be a better place than Mundial de Tango. From book launches to tango presentations, your children can always learn about the intricate nuances of tango in a recreating way.

Get an itinerary
If you are a newcomer to Buenos Aires, then you might not want to lose the chance to visit this amazing city. From the colorful La Boca to the spectacular Latin American Art Museum, there’s no dearth of tourist attractions. Create an itinerary and cover some of the famous hotspots to make the experience all the more memorable.

The two-week tango extravaganza will commence on 9th August and will take place in different venues across the city. The festival closes on 22nd August at Luna Park. The entry is free and is distributed on the first come first serve basis at the Casa de Cultura, Av. de Mayo 575. Please note that there will be a two tickets limit per person. Enjoy!

Katharina J