6 Tango Dance Etiquette Tips

It takes two to tango and to do it without inviting any awkward situation, the dancer needs to follow some of the basic ground rules. If you’re a tango enthusiast, then you might want to take a cue from these tango etiquette standards that might not be written in black or white but will help you stand in good stead in front of your fellow dancers and followers.

1. The Invitation

The way you invite your partner varies from place to place. For instance, in Argentine tango the ‘Cabaceo’ is considered to be one of the most important dance etiquettes where a dancer asks permission from their partner to dance with them using a particular head gesture. You might not want to come all along the dance floor to ask your desired partner and get rejected.

2. The Dress Code

Some like it hot while some are more comfortable with covering up. Whatever is your sartorial preference, it always advisable to wear apparel that is customized for tango dancing. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable on the dance floor when you should focus on enjoying the music and dance. Lady tanguer as will be spoilt for choices with an array of tango dresses, tops, and skirts with elegant designs which they can wear anywhere they want.


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3. The Hygiene

It is not too difficult to wear a clean attire and complement it with a good deodorant. Also, make sure you have fresh breath before you hit the dance floor. You can always keep some mints handy to avoid any unpleasant moment.

4. The Floor code

How will you feel if you get a sudden thwack at your back while dancing? Very annoying, isn’t it? This happens when dance couples don’t keep a safe distance from each other on a crowded dance floor. It is very important to respect the flow of dancing and to respect fellow tangueros and tangueras by providing the due space.

5. The Patience

It is a bad practice to cut other couples dance moves because you don’t have patience and want to overtake them. If you do so by mistake, apologize as soon as the music stops and be more careful next time you hit the dance floor.

6. The Silence

Why will you break the momentum by talking? A brief conversation before or in-between dancing is fine but don’t spoil the aura by chatting while you dance. To keep silence is important, especially when you’re dancing with multiple couples on the dance floor and would like to focus and enjoy the dance.

Katharina J