How To Dress For Tango Dance

Early decades of tango dancing restricted women to guidelines of long attire. Nowadays, things are much more flexible allowing women to be more personal with their choices, with minimal recommendations as women incorporate their own style.


It’s not all long dresses and sparkle. Women dress very nicely and elegantly, but tend to incorporate their own tastes much more today than simply complying with trends. Many dancers choose to wear trousers, which look fantastic when dancing the tango, but quite often catch on shoes when dancing. This always has been an issue with tango dance wear and, similarly, long dresses used to often be seen catching on tango shoes, which guided dancers to consider shorter attire for dancing.

When you dress for tango dancing you don’t want to feel restricted. As you move around the dance floor you want to have the freedom you need to dance elegantly and swing freely. This has encouraged attire that flows freely and doesn’t restrict dance moves. So, how can you find something elegant and sultry that doesn’t restrict movement? And how can your tango outfit also suit your own style?

Knee-length dresses that swing freely allow full movement and are elegant. Ensure you don’t choose anything too tight. Mid-length skirts allow you to swing freely and look fantastic with your movements. Any clothing that blocks your movement will affect the way you dance and restrict the way you move. The famous tango slit is popular as it enables women to move freely and swing as they need to.


Tango dance skirts and tops are just as popular as dresses, of course. Like tango dresses, skirts are less restricting at mid-length. This allows full movement and is very comfortable when dancing. Again, skirts slits will allow the most freedom. Tops should be well fitted to ensure straps aren’t falling down and that tops don’t ride up or down. Of course, they also should not be so tight as to be uncomfortable. Tango skirts and tops can both be attractive for tango dancing and allow you to incorporate your own style. Whether you choose a skirt or dress, you will need high quality products made of high quality fabrics as these will flow with your movements.

Whether you choose a skirt or dress, choose a company that offers high-quality products made with high-quality fabric. These will flow elegantly with your movements. Choosing versatile tango dance skirts and tops allows you to mix and match for various looks and occasions.

There are different occasions you will need your attire for, with different clothing recommended for each. For milongas dancers tend to dress in more glamorous dancewear. This could be a tasteful black dress as elegant as the dance itself. For lessons or practicas, the attire  would be a lot more casual and mostly just has to be comfortable.

Remember, when you are going to practice you want to look the part, but the main focus is to improve your skills and become a great dancer. Don’t feel the need to go over the top when you dress for dancing as you can look gorgeous in simple and comfortable clothing. When choosing your attire for whatever occasion, make your main focus elegance and your own confidence.

Katharina J