This Season’s Must-Haves To Dress For Tango Dance

It is a challenge to find tango dance clothing designed for elegance, comfort, and your unique style. Simple, yet comfortable, tango attire can be very powerful and complement your dance moves whilst giving you the confidence to move freely on the dance floor.

The fashion for tango has changed dramatically over the years, but the primary element is still elegance. Tango fashion is something tangueras have always enjoyed focusing on and many ladies spend a lot of time and care on finding suitable attire for a night out tango dancing.


Elegant and unique patterns really compliment the tango style of a dancer. Spring summer fashion trends see the incorporation of bright colours and floral prints. If you feel that wearing a floral dress is a bit too much, then team a bright block colour top with a floral skirt or vice versa. These on-trend looks are lovely because such exotic bold prints fit perfectly into the summer season and allow you to mix and match your skirts and tops.

When you choose tango clothing, try to incorporate your own style. Ask yourself what you feel like wearing. Which colors are your favorite? Which colors do cuts do you feel comfortable in? It’s much simpler to incorporate your own style nowadays. If bright colours and prints aren’t your style choice, there are plenty of other options to dress for tango dancing.

A timeless trend in women’s fashion and tango fashion is a classic black dress. Choose a dress that reaches just below the knee, best with a slit so you can dance freely. A classic black dress is always in trend and extremely elegant. If you choose a cut longer at the back than the front, your dress will flow beautifully when you dance. A black dress is a must-have for any tango wardrobe!


If you are performing, try to match your tango outfit to your dancing partner’s attire. It's important that your outfits complement each other to add to the authenticity and the passion of the performance. If you’re going for an extravagant summer print that your partner isn’t keen on, just keep the colour theme in-line. If you opt for a black dress, consider another colour to pair with. You could choose an eye-catching color shoe to match your partner’s top. A little bit of color is powerful, eye-catching and brings your outfit in season.

There are a lot of variations available, some of which are simple, and others that are beautifully patterned and colorful. One of the most important things to consider when you dress for tango dance is the material. Specialist tango attire is known for being made with dancer’s needs in mind. It will work on the dance floor and stretch with every step. Suitable fabrics flow to compliment your moves. So do take the fabrics’ quality into account when choosing your tango clothing.

Elegant and affordable tango wear has never been so versatile and created with such beauty. Find beautiful and elegant handmade dancewear to compliment your performance. A captivating outfit that is designed for comfort can be the finishing touch to your dance.

Katharina J