Tango Apparel Cuts for Ultimate Comfort

Tango is one of the most difficult dance forms in the world. Besides taking every step meticulously, a tango dancer has to take a lot of things into consideration for delivering a stellar performance. Choosing the right type of tango apparel is one of those priorities that keep a lot of tangueras in a fix.

Keeping the movements of the dance form in mind, tango apparel is crafted by the designer using the rights cuts and folds. Here are the different types of cuts that infuse comfort and style especially customised for the tango fashionistas.


Pencil skirt with back slit

Many tanguera swear by the comfort and flexibility of a pencil skirt. The catch is to get a skirt that adapts to the moves and lets you concentrate on your performance. The skirt’s fabric should be super stretchy, soft, and most importantly breathable. A back slit does not only helps you do the forward and backward ocho with ease but also adds a sassy twist to the skirt’s design.


Tops with deep back

Whether you choose a red, black, teal or printed top, you need to make absolutely sure to get the right fitting without compromising on elegance. Choosing a top with a deep cut back will not only assure maximum comfort but also make you ultra-stylish and sexy while you experiment with the dance variations.



One shoulder tops

One shoulder shoulder tops or dresses can also be a great way to stay stylish and comfortable at the same time. Combine the top with a contrasting pencil skirt or a gorgeous flow skirt.



High necklines

This is meant for those who prefer pure elegance. After all, it’s not mandatory to sport low-cuts all the time and the comfort of the dancer should take precedence over anything else. Opt for a straight or A-line dress - both are easy to manage while you twirl around the dance floor.

Experiment with the back cuts

There are a variety of back cuts to choose from and the contemporary designers are experimenting with the tango chic more than ever. Here are some of the back cuts that can take your tango styling goals to the next level.


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Katharina J