Prints, Colours and Cuts to uplift your Summer Chic

So you love experimenting with your fashion flare and make it a point to stay updated about the season’s latest prints and colour? The summer is already here and this is the time you can flaunt your classic taste by choosing the right colour and design. You can take a cue from this blog to find out what’s trending this season.


Soft floral skirts

Summer fashion and floral prints go hand in hand since ages. This timeless style never looks monotonous and is a real visual delight, especially during the sultry days.  
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Open back dresses

Besides the print, cuts also play a crucial role to ensure maximal comfort and summer style. Open back summer dresses not only work well in warmer weather e but also let you flaunt your back elegantly. They will let your skin breathe when you step out of the house in a scalding day and make good companions for evening events, too.

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Orchid purple shades

How about a colour that perfectly infuses summer style with feminine charm. An orchid purple skirt or a dress is an apt choice to cheer your senses. You will garner appreciation for your summer taste by exhibiting this color in summer.

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Tops in bright prints


Tops in bright prints

If you find light colours too boring, bright floral prints can be a saviour. Get a snug fitted top with a pretty print and aesthetically cut to perfection to keep you airy in those super scorching days. Team it up with a tight contrasting skirt to look your resplendent best.

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Stretchable neckholder dresses

A neckholder dress or top is definitely a must-have to keep the heat at bay. If it is infused with the right summer print and colour, then you’re bound to get second glances for your super suave summer style.

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Breezy flow skirts


Breezy flow skirts

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Gorgeous flow skirts can be great companions to your summer tops and help you keep going when you plan a sudden day out with your friends or family. The best part is you can mix and match it with different varieties of tops and look equally graceful in all of those styles. Get some with floral prints and some unicolor to have lots of variety in your wardrobe.

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Red tops

Wish to look sultry hot to match the rising temperature? There can’t be a better pick than a blazing red deep back cut top.

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Katharina J