6 Fresh Tango Apparel Wear from Colección Berlin

At Colección Berlin we work continuously to capture the true essence of tango in each addition to our collection. Thanks to our customers’ overwhelming response, we get an impetus to go an extra mile and add more sartorial grace to our creations. From tango skirts to tango dresses, we love experimenting with the designs keeping the tastes and preferences of our tango dancing customers in mind. Here are six of our latest arrivals that are up for grabs just for you!

1. MARINA Pink Top


If you’re bored of the traditional red Tango look then this charming pink can be a great alternative. This top is skilfully cut to accentuate your curves and lets you flaunt your back exceptionally well. Whether you go dacing day or night, this top neatly adapts to your moves and makes you look like a stunner. Match it with a contrast flow skirt to complete the perfect look.
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2. COCO soft floral skirt


Wear it for your next performance or for date nights in summer – this skirt will always make you look graciously pretty. Exhibiting a soft floral print with a beautiful bow on the side, this skirt elegantly swirls and twirls according to your moves. The polyester fibre fabric will dry quickly if you sweat and lets you stay comfortably stylish all through the day! Team it up with a sassy pair of tango shoes to look dapper.

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3. PAOLA berry skirt with slit


We dedicate our love for the traditional Argentine tango dance fashion in this aesthetically crafted red Paola skirt. The customary colour not only accentuates the tango fashion flare but also the passion for the dance form. The breathable fabric assures ultra-comfort to keep you moving through those long days and nights of tango dancing.

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4. ANA floral neckholder top


Infused with a burst of florals and muted hues, you can never go wrong with this stunning neckholder top. The elegant cuts and finishes zoom up both your style and comfort quotient while you concentrate on your performance.

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5. STELLA berry top


Embrace traditional red with a twist of contemporary chic. Meticulously crafted with elegant cuts, this pretty berry red top is a mandatory add-on to your tango fashion wardrobe. Couple it with an elegant black skirt to complete the perfect tango look.

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6. BIANCA reversible print dress


Carry two dresses in one with this classic reversible print dress. Adorned with an ultra-chic cut at the back, you are bound to slay the onlookers with your moves.

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Katharina J