What does your tango dress say about you?

There are many different styles and colours of tango dresses for sale today, so have you ever wondered what your tango dress says about you? The colour you have chosen will say a lot about your personality. It will also have an influence on the way that you feel when you dance. After all, colour plays a huge role in our lives. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most popular tango dress colours and what they say about you…

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Black – Let’s start with black! There is no denying that this is one of the most popular colour choices for tango dresses. Black symbolises elegance and sophistication, but most importantly, it is a colour of strength. It is associated with authority and power, which is perhaps why it is such a popular choice amongst Tango dancers. Tango is a powerful and impactful dance, and a black dress fits this perfectly.

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Red – Another colour that is popular with Tango dancers is red. If you asked someone to pick a colour they associate with Tango, it is likely that they will say red. While black is powerful, red is passionate. It is a colour that is associated with boldness, aggression and sensuality. It is empowering and can give you a lot of confidence while you are dancing. It is the perfect way to stand out and grab the spotlight. Not only this, but did you know that it is the symbol of life? Red is an energetic colour, which will get you in the perfect mood for dancing. 

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Pink – Next we have pink, which is a feminine, charming, romantic, and playful colour. It is filled with emotion, just like the tango dance itself. It has the power and passion that is associated with the colour red, yet it is softened with the completeness, openness, and purity of white.

The deeper the shade of pink, the more energy and passion it exhibits. It is, therefore, a great choice if you are looking for something bold and striking yet a little bit softer than red. 

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Blue – If you are looking for a colour that is going to help calm you down so you can focus on the dance moves you are performing, blue is a good choice, as it cools and soothes. It is also a positive colour, and a creative one too. If combined with the right cut, blue will be a very elegant choice for any dance event. 




From black to red, there are so many colours available when it comes to tango dresses. Next time you look for tango dresses for sale make sure you consider your colour selection and how this is going to make you feel, as this can have a bigger influence on the way that you dance and how much fun you have than you may realise. 

Katharina J