Common tango mistakes and how to avoid them

No matter whether you are new to tango dancing or you are contemplating joining a class for the first time, you can definitely learn a thing or two from the mistakes that other people have made when starting out. Read on to discover some of the most common tango mistakes, as well as some advice on how to avoid making the same errors.

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Thinking about the steps – This may seem like a bit of a funny mistake… surely you need to think about the steps in order to dance them! While this may seem like the case, it is actually more about the journey in-between the steps that matters when you are dancing tango. Of course, at first you will need to put some thought into the moves while you are doing them, but after this they should start to come naturally.

Assuming you cannot attend a tango class without a partner – A lot of people worry that they need a partner for tango, and so they don’t book into a class because they are scared about going alone. Actually, most people attend tango classes on their own! You will meet plenty of new people there; so don’t worry about going by yourself. A good tango school should help you to find a partner to go to class and practise with.

Underestimating the importance of good, stable tango shoes – Buying tango shoes which are too big, unstable or just not a good overall fit for your feet is a mistake a lot of beginners make. The trouble is that beginners tend to buy tango shoes which look great but do not fit at all. While the muscles in your feet may be small, they can be trained and will need help from a good pair of tango shoes. Your muscles might be weak because they have been underused. This is where dancing comes in. Your feet will probably hurt a bit once you start dancing, but after a while, the muscles in your feet will strengthen. Make sure to get plenty of assistance when you buy your first pair of tango shoes and take a few dancing steps to try them out.

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Wearing tango clothing that is too restrictive – Another mistake that a lot of dancers make is to wear tango clothing that restricts them, rather than enabling them to move freely and dance with ease. You need to make sure your clothing fits well and that it is breathable. If you buy from a specialist tango clothing retailer you can make sure that the clothes are designed and manufactured so that they are perfect for the dance floor.

Using your partner for balance – Last but not least, your partner is not there to hold you in place. You shouldn’t put your weight on your partner if you start to lose balance. You need to use your own core muscles to deal with this.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding regarding some of the most common tango errors people make, as well as the steps you can take to ensure you do not make the same errors. Sign up for dance classes and get ready to dance by wearing tango clothing and tango shoes that fit well.

Katharina J