Attending a Local Tango Festival

If you love all things dance, you might consider attending Trasnochando in Berlin, Germany, to dance with guests from around the world and watch shows by world-known tango maestros. Those who love Argentine tango have a common love and inspire one another. As you attend the festival, you'll feel the excitement from those around you. Traditional tango music will be prevalent and you'll enjoy dancing in a beautiful venue with lots of dancers who are as fascinated by tango as you are. As you prepare for the festival, you might wonder what you should wear in order to fit in and enjoy the festival to its fullest. Here are a few suggestions to help you share the passion of tango dancing with dancers from all over the world.

Elegant Dresses

When you attend a festival like Trasnochando in Berlin, you want to dress the part in order to make the most out of it. Wearing elegant tango attire will make you feel the dance even when you are wandering the vendor booths. You'll enjoy the way the dresses move around you and notice how they stretch so you can dance in them. Wearing the right tango dancewear will help you be even more a part of the animated scene around you. You can be a source of inspiration for yourself and others around you when you dress elegantly and feel confident in what you wear.

Flowing Skirts

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Tango argentino is all about being able to move and flow. Wearing a skirt that is fitted at the waist, but flows around your legs with ease is a great way to show your passion for the dance. Carefully select a skirt that feels animated and doesn't restrict your movement. When you select the right tango dresses for yourself during the festival, you can showcase your tango style. You will also enjoy the festival to its fullest without thinking too much about your clothing when you are on the dance floor because dancewear is meant to be comfortable and elegant at the same time.


Plenty of Color

Tango is a dance that speaks volumes without saying a word. You can show off your personality in a number of ways and using lots of color can help you get your point across. Color will also help you stand out in the crowd of dancers wanting to get onto the dance floor at a festival. So don’t go for black only at the main evening milongas because that’s what most other dancers will do. There are always plenty of tango dresses in black and other neutral colors, but wearing a lot of color accentuates your personality in a strong way and if you choose your favorite colors which work for you, it will earn you lots of compliments. If unsure, ask for assistance to select the right tango dress for you. Tango dancewear sellers have lots of experience with all kinds of body shapes so get in touch with them if you are unsure about what to buy and put on for the nights full of tango dancing.

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Vibrant Prints

When you see people dancing Argentine tango, you might be drawn to the vibrant prints they are wearing. These prints accentuate the moves of the dance and make it much more fun for anyone watching the dance floor. Choosing prints can be hard since there are so many options. The best advice is to pick something you truly love and would be proud to wear. You might also want to consider the colors of your tango shoes when you shop for tango clothes. Tango dresses which go with your tango shoes will make a superb outfit on and off the dance floor.

If you truly love the dance, you can't get enough of tango clothing. Coleccion Berlin will have a booth at Trasnochando with plenty of options for beautiful, flowing dresses and skirts to help you enjoy the dance that much further.

Katharina J