Choosing the Right Tango Shoes

You've bought the perfect tango clothing, but what about the shoes? Although tango shoes typically have a skinny, sky-high heel, choosing a pair of stilettos at random could lead to your feet being too sore and uncomfortable to move properly. Finding the right balance of style and substance is essential if you want to dance the night away and still look great.

Buy Shoes Made For Tango


Tango shoes can be pricey, and it may be tempting to just buy a pair of cute heels at Payless. However, tango shoes are specifically designed to give your feet the support and flexibility you need to dance tango. Even general ballroom shoes can't give your feet what they need like a pair of tango shoes can. For example, both tango and ballroom shoes often have a metal shank in the arch to give your feet extra support, but this shank is smaller in a tango shoe than in a ballroom shoe so the look and feel is quite different.

Specially-made tango shoes also allow you to wear those extra-high, skinny heels that are so popular in the dance. In a well-made tango shoe, most of your weight will be distributed onto the ball of your foot rather than the heel and it will feel much more stable than a regular stiletto which normally does not allow the same flexibility.


Test Your Shoes

When you try on most shoes, all you have to do is walk around for a few minutes. With tango shoes, however, you also need to make sure that your shoe can carry you through the proper tango moves. Pivot in the shoes; if your foot slides around even a little bit, swap them for a better-fitting pair. Stand on one foot to see if you can balance well in them, since you'll be spending a lot of time on one foot during your dance. If you're a follower, walk backwards in the shoes; that's what you're going to be doing for most of your dance, after all!

Choose Materials Wisely

You wouldn't choose uncomfortable materials for your tango clothing, so be just as careful with your shoes. The soles are typically made from suede, leather, or rubber. Leather is best for most dance floors, while suede has a better grip and is a good choice for more slippery dance floors. Only go with rubber if you're going to dance on a very slick surface like porcelain or hardwood; it grips so well that you could get stuck mid-pivot and it won’t be healthy for your knees to dance on shoes which do not pivot at all.

You have a bit more flexibility with your uppers. Suede and chrome are more stretchy and comfortable but don't last as long as leather, so choose whichever feels best to you. Velvet isn't as flexible as suede and is particularly delicate, so only opt for velvet shoes if they look stunning with your tango clothing and you're willing to buy regular replacements.

Now that you know the ground rules when choosing your ideal Tango shoes make sure it comes with the assurance of great looks, comfort and durability. Team it with a sassy Tango dress to complete the perfect look.

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Katharina J