How Important is Length When It Comes to Tango Dresses?

Just like there is a huge variety of tango music, there is a wealth of different dresses that can be worn out on the dance floor. From depictions of the tango dancing on TV or in movies to the live performances at a milonga, there is a wide range of acceptable clothing, shoes, and even music. So when the time comes to shop for tango dresses online, just how important is the length of the dress? Well, each dancer must choose a length that works best for her, but there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for your perfect dress.


The Perfect Balance

There’s no question that tango argentino is a sensual dance. So the goal is to dress in a way that offers just enough appeal without going over the top. For many women, this means selecting dresses that offer a perfect balance of showing just enough skin. Often, tango dresses seen online tend to end just below the knee. The legs are still complemented by the length and many of the moves of the dance can be pulled off without risking too much exposure. Dresses that are slightly shorter and slightly longer can still be perfect for the dance provided that they allow for movement and flatter the figure.

Slit at the Side

What a woman wears to dance Argentine tango must be able to accommodate her movements throughout the dance. A longer length would be confining if it weren’t for the slit at the side or at the back of the tango dresses. Because of slits extra long tango dresses can still be worn without becoming too restrictive. The slit expands the acceptable length for a tango dress, offering lots of ways for women to create their own look based on the length that is flattering for their body style. Slits can also be found near the front of the dress for increased mobility and movement.


Asymmetrical Length

Sometimes, the perfect dress for tango is one with asymmetrical length. Dresses can be shorter on the front and longer in the back or shorter on one side and longer on the other. The way that this type of dress falls is attractive, accentuating the legs and in many ways, complementing the entire body. It isn’t unusual to find this type of tango dresses online. Check out all the tango dress styles online and get some assistance if you are not sure if an asymmetrical tango dress works for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to tango dancing or you’ve been dancing for years, you want a dress that is going to give you additional confidence while out on the dance floor and still allows for plenty of movement. When shopping for a dress, consider the length and take advantage of flattering styles. Look for a dress that hits right at or below the knees with some type of slit for a perfect balance of coverage and showing off some skin. And, if you’re looking for something unique, consider a dress in asymmetrical style and take advantage of the image it creates as you move.

Katharina J