The Difference A Tango Dress Makes

Argentine tango is one of those fascinating dances that you have to see in order to fully experience its beauty. This sensual dance originated in Argentina in the early 20th century. Tango influences many other dances today and has become more popular in recent years. Tango is popular in the film industry and the music that often goes along with it attracts attention as well. However, there is one thing that goes with the tango even more than music and that's the dresses of the tango dancers. Tango dresses can make the difference between a sensual dance and something quite ordinary. Here are just a few of the things that tango dresses for sale can do for the tanguera and her dance moves.

Range of Motion

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Tango requires a large range of motion. Both the leader and the follower have to be able to move in many different directions and give their motion fluidity. As is true of many dances, the focus is often on the woman’s sensuality. Her range of motion has to be variable, and tango dresses allow her to move and flow across the dance floor with ease. Other clothing can be too restrictive and can prevent her from making dance moves to make the dance work on the dance floor. Tango dresses keep that range of motion in mind and allow the woman to move freely and comfortably without worrying about her outfit. Dancewear usually stretches well to allow for big steps, turns and twists.

Added Drama

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Tango Argentino can be quite dramatic. When a tanguera chooses the right outfit among the wide variety of tango dresses for sale, she can add drama to the dance as a whole. The dress can flow around her and give extra motion to her every time she makes a large move. She might choose vibrant colors and patterns to make her stand out among other dancers. Show dresses are usually more dramatic than tango dresses for social dancing at milongas. Classic dresses are a good idea to add to the wardrobe as they can be dresses up or down depending on the occasion. The right outfit for the right dance has a big impact on the overall appeal of the visual image that comes across.

The Feeling

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There's a certain feeling that goes along with dancing tango and the right clothing only adds to that feeling. The partners have to have the music in them, and they have to be prepared to move along with the music in a joint manner. Dressing the part can put both people in the right mood to enjoy the dance. The right tango dress can make or break the overall feeling. When wearing the proper tango dress, it brings the dance and the music together as one to involve everyone watching the sensual dance. The romance of the dance is complete when all of the parts line up. That includes the proper movements, the mindset to enjoy the dance, the beautiful music, and the best tango dresses. It is only when all this comes together that the tango becomes all it is meant to be.

Katharina J