What Not to Wear When Dancing Tango

When it comes to dancing tango, you need the right clothing in order to make the dance complete. Sure, you can dance tango in anything you like wearing, but if you want to set the mood and complete the overall look and feel of the dance, proper tango clothing is a must. There are plenty of things you can choose for your dance, but there are also things you will want to avoid. Here is a look at what you don't want in your tango clothing.

Clothes That Make You Self-Conscious

Tango is a dance that should make you feel sensual and sexy. If you are wearing something that you don't like or that doesn't make you appreciate your body for what it is, you may not dance as you should. In order to break free from your boundaries, you need clothing that makes you feel good about yourself and helps you set the mood of the dance. Make sure to check your outfit from all sides and take a few steps in it at home to test whether it is danceable.

Shoes That Aren't Secure

When you just started your first tango course, it is important to wear shoes that are secured to your feet with straps of some kind. Once you decide that this is the right dance for you, go buy your first tango shoes. You need to be able to move about freely. If your shoes come off easily, you won't be able to move as you need to because you will be too busy trying to keep them on. They could even fly off when you perform a certain move. Tango shoes should fit tight so choose a size smaller than your street shoe size.

Restrictive Clothing

You also do not want to wear something that is too tight and does not stretch. Most dancers wear outfits that are fitted to the waist and then flow out from there. If you wear a skirt that is too tight, you will not have the range of motion you need to perform the dance correctly. You also do not want a tango skirt that is too short or slits which are too high because you will want to move without showing off what you are wearing underneath. Clothing that flows around you is always a good fit for this dance. Alternatively, fitted tango skirts and dresses with slits work well.

Warm Fabrics

When you are dancing hard and enjoying the music, you are going to get warm quickly, especially if there is no air conditioning at the venue. If you wear clothes with warmer fabrics, you will quickly regret it. Avoid wool and other fabrics that keep you warm and can get itchy when you sweat. These fabrics don't generally flow well around you anyway, so it is best to leave them behind when you tango.

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Katharina J