Tango Skirts in Cool Prints for this Winter

The season of festivity, fashion, and fun is here! While some tangueras are gearing up for those mind-blasting tango festivals and tango marathons, we have come up with some of gorgeous skirts to pep up their tango wardrobe. If you are one of them, then you should skim through right away.


1. CLARA metallic skirt

Celebrate the urban-gritty vibe of the season with this stellar of a skirt. Infused with the enigma of metallic blue, this skirt is meant to make you the star of the evening. Just turn it around and you get another classic black skirt with the same metallic element at the waist. This piece will look its best if matched with a black tango top.


2. MIA polka dot skirt

Add a little quirk to your tango affectation with this classic polka dot pencil skirt. Strategically crafted with long slits on both sides, the skirt ideally keeps you relaxed throughout the performance. A black tango top will be a perfect companion for this fun piece.


3. BELLA silver print skirt

Create a perfect balance of aesthetic appeal and simplicity with this super-classy silver print skirt. Encapsulated in silhouettes of royalty, this skirt offers a relaxed fit to keep you at ease if you are planning to tango dance all night long.


4. CLARA reversible leo/ black skirt

Reawaken your wild slant by wrapping this leopard print skirt on one side or turn it around as a black skirt for those keep-it-simple nights. Fashioned in soft and stretch material, you will look equally stunning whether you wear it at a milonga or a Christmas party.


5. BELLA starry black skirt

Go with the flow of an easygoing tango performance with this dazzling black skirt. The glimmering starry black fabric and the asymmetrical cut creates maximum impact with minimum effort. Match it with any of your favorite tango tops and pair of tango shoes or classy stilettos to wrap up the perfect festive look for the holidays.

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Katharina J