How to Stay Comfy During those Long Festive Tango Nights

Although tango dancing is all about confidence, many tangueras are still anxious when they think about what to wear for tango. While all those festive events are great to meet your friends and show every favorite outfit in your wardrobe, we have some style tips which you would want to consider if dancing at those long festive tango nights makes you all jittery.

1. Decide on the outfit

A dress or a top-skirt combo – what is your go-to wear when you think of comfort? Find out an ideal tango wear you’re most comfortable in and save it for the big tango night. Never keep your fashion decisions for the last minute to avoid uncomfortable moments and stress when you find that an outfit you thought you would wear does not feel or sit right anymore.

2. Watch the fabric

When you talk of comfort, your primary concern should be checking the quality of the fabric of your tango outfit. High-quality polyester fabric blended with elastane should be the standard material to assure maximal comfort as it adapts well with your moves and keeps you relaxed.

3. Cuts and slits

You just can’t pick out a random dress or skirt and use it on the dance floor. Check out tango outfits made by specialists as they know how to work on the back cuts and slits keeping the aesthetic sensibilities in mind. Also, they will have tested every piece they made on the dance floor to check the length of the slits. For instance, a skirt may have a strategic front or back slit to underpin easy movement and you can then chose which type of slit complements your tango moves and keeps you comfortable on and off the dance floor.

4. Read product descriptions

Many of us have the habit of ordering an outfit that catches our fancy without reviewing the product description. Never skip the product details if you want the perfect fit. Go through the fabric type, measurements, size chart, and even care instructions to be absolutely convinced about your purchase. If in doubt, contact the seller in advance.

5. Never over-accessorize

The festive air might call for all that jazz and gaud but it’s always a smart move to stay away from heavy accessories for the dance night. Choose your shoes and ornaments keeping the designs of your tango outfit in mind. Here’s a tip, buy a shimmery tango dress or skirt to add to the festive bling.

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Katharina J