Here’s Why You Should Buy Designer Tango Outfits

Professional tangueras are not only known for their mesmerizing dancing abilities but also their enticing sense of style. Most tangueras trust professional acumen to complement their voguish sensibilities. Top-of-the-line tango professionals count on specialist tango designers who create stunning outfits keeping the complexities of the dance form in mind. If you are an aspiring tanguera then here are the top reasons why you should buy designer tango outfits.

Material matters

A good tango outfit designer will prioritize high-quality fabric above everything else to assure maximum comfort for the dancers. They use stretch fabric which lets you breathe easy even during long tango events where you want to dance all you can. For tango dancewear, the designers mostly prefer top grade stretch fabric for easy adaptability.


Cut to perfection

From necklines to back cuts, tango outfits call for precision in the cuts and folds. Specialist designers often work closely with the professional dancers and incorporate intricate patterns and layering details according to the demands of the dance form. For instance, this black tango dress has a cut that works well for tango as it shows off the back but also allows for undergarment to be worn which the horizontal lace at the back will hide. Those designers who truly love tango dancewear work on these intricacies to provide the much-needed support a tango dancer looks for.

Trends and traditions

A designer always keeps track of the shifting sands in tango fashion. They create both traditional and trendy designs to cater to the new age tangueras and senior professionals. Their state-of-the-art workmanship is timeless and made for tango dancers of all ages and sizes.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the creations of one of the most renowned tango apparel makers from Europe, Coleccion Berlin.

Katharina J