How to Adjust Your Tango Dress for a Formal Affair

Getting into a tango dress knowing that a dance is right around the corner can be exciting, but sometimes the dresses in a woman’s closet need to be able to perform double duty. Is it possible turn a tango dress into something perfect for a more formal event?

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The Perfect Little Black Dress
It’s easy for some tango dance dresses to double as a little black dress for a variety of events. While not all dresses are black, those that are tend to have an easier time making the transition to parties that are on the more formal side. It’s important to note that the dress doesn’t just go one way. In some cases, a tango dress can head in the opposite direction and be something perfect for dancing or more casual events. No matter where you’re planning to wear it, it’s sure to get a little more attention than the average dress.

Help in the Form of an Uneven Hem Length
Traditionally, the later the event, the more formal the attire. This also means that the more formal the event, the longer the hemline. Today, this doesn’t always hold true as fashion tends to be a little more fluid, but many tango dance dresses have an uneven hemline. The dress is shorter in the front and longer in the back. This style can easily make the transition to more high-end events as the back gives it a dressier look.

Shoes Can Make the Outfit
Tango dance dresses may be versatile, but the same can’t be said for tango shoes. They are designed specifically for tango dancing and thus have a sole which works perfectly for dancefloors - mostly wooden ones. They aren’t going to be something that you want to wear out to a fancy event. Be strict about this because tango shoes’ soles will get ruined if worn off the dancefloor. This doesn’t mean that you don’t want to wear some shoes with a higher heel and a sexier appeal. Some dancers even decide to change the sole of their tango shoes so that they can be used exclusively for non-tango events because tango shoes are very stable and elegant companions for all sorts of outfits. After all, they are made for dancing so you will be able to move gracefully in them if they are the right fit and size for you. 

It’s All About the Other Accessories
Accessories are a great way to change up the look of a dress. When moving toward the more formal side, it’s important to choose items that are going to match up with the surroundings. Look for jewelry that’s going to add some sparkle and maybe even a belt that adds a little color to the ensemble. Don’t be afraid to try out new things to go along with the tango dress.
Putting on a tango dress can bring about a confidence that other clothing just can’t compete with. If a formal event is in the near future, consider wearing your tango dress styled with different accessories. If there is going to be some form of dancing, prepare to show off your moves in the right heels!

Katharina J