Choosing the Best Tango Dresses For Your Body

There are thousands of different tango dresses for sale. Some of them are perfect for you, others are perfect for someone else but not for your body type, and there is a third category of dresses which look disastrous on almost anyone. How can you navigate the world of tango dresses and find the one that's right for you?


Think About Your Body Type
There are a variety of tango dresses for sale, and each flatters a different body type. Pear-shaped women, for example, do best in A-line skirts that accentuate the waist but de-emphasize the thighs, while apple-shaped women look phenomenal in empire-waist dresses that cover the belly. Broad-shouldered women look beautiful in full skirts that balance the silhouette and provide an hourglass figure. Women with minimal curves look stunning in short skirts that emphasize their legs, and those lucky women with hourglass figures should gravitate toward dresses that show off their curves.

Pick What Makes You Feel Sexy
If you aren't confident about your legs, a tango dress with a short skirt will make you self-conscious no matter how many sexy descriptive words are attached to it--and that's even true if your friends repeatedly tell you that your legs are your best feature, but you can't make yourself believe them. If you feel like your curves are gorgeous, a hip-hugging style is perfect for you; if they make you feel plump, a loose, flowing, fluttery style is your best bet. You want to look and feel confident on the dance floor in your tango dress. Don't choose the style that looks amazing on the model or on your best friend; don't even stick to a dress style that a fashion magazine says would be perfect for you if that style makes you feel awkward. Choose the style that makes you look amazing and makes you feel as though you look amazing.

Consider Your Colors
If you already know whether you're a soft autumn or a bright winter, you can probably tell at a glance whether a tango dress will be a good color on you. Even if you've never had your colors done, though, you can get a good idea of whether those tango dresses for sale will look as beautiful on you as they do on the hanger. Try it on and examine the effect it has on your face. The right color will make you look like you're wearing makeup even if you aren't. A color that's too bright, too dull, or too yellow for your skin tone will make you look pale, sallow, or tired. Don't despair--just try another color! If you adore a color that doesn't work for you, you can still make it work by keeping it away from your face. If you love bright red but it doesn't work for you, for example, you can wear an off-white or dark gray dress with red flowers or beads and still look stunning, or pair a bright red tango skirt with a neutral top.

Katharina J